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Profile image2All websites come with a Profile section on the homepage that includes your picture, dōTERRA ID plus your own short personal Welcome Message that links to your About Me page.

In addition to your Welcome Profile,  all Using Essential Oils Packages come with areas and pages that you can edit and customize to fit your personal style and needs.

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All Using Essential Oils Packages come with several areas that you can edit and customize to fit your personal style and needs. They include:

  • Welcome Message and photo – This is a short welcome found on the homepage. A generic welcome message and the dōTERRA logo is pre-loaded in place of your custom message and photo, so you can get up and running fast. You can easily edit and post those when you have time. Here’s a link to this page on our demo site.
  • About – This is your personal and/or business profile page.  You can add images, video, your story, and contact information. Here’s a link to our demo site so you review this feature.
  • Join Our Team – Although the websites are designed to provide educational information for your customers on how to use essential oils and natural solutions, you are also provided with a page to let your visitors know that you are providing an exciting business opportunity.   Here you can use the pre-loaded content and just add your contact info or edit the page to match your style. Here’s a link to our demo site so you can review this feature.

You can also add your own personal style with optional customizations like different backgrounds, using your own logo, using your own domain URL, your own blog, and even adding your own specialty pages!

Setup couldn’t be easier! Your welcome message can be done at time of registration and you can change this message from time to time, or you can use the pre-loaded welcome message below and there is no setup involved!

Welcome message

Your name and Wellness Advocate number will appear below the message and will automatically link to your personal About page.

We have also pre-loaded a generic About page and graphic so you can get started right away with no setup involved! You can edit that page from your dashboard using your own style and photos, or you can continue to use the generic information:

Generic About Message


Our pre-loaded generic Join Our Team page will help you introduce the exciting business opportunities that are available to dōTERRA® Wellness Advocates. There is no setup involved or you can also edit this page to describe your team and message.

Generic Team Message





Your Welcome message, About page and Join Us pages provide you with a way to set the tone and spirit of your personal webpage.  It should be authentic, direct, and from the heart. Your visitors will draw their first impressions from your Welcome message and About page so it’s important that the message reflects you and your experience with dōTERRA essential oils. Our generic messages are designed to help get you started right away without delay, and give you an idea of what a message might look like, but you are the best source of the final version.

I have trouble writing a Welcome and About message. Any suggestions?

Our generic messages are a pretty good start. Perhaps just change a few words that you feel might more accurately describe your own personal journey with dōTERRA. Keep it simple and honest and the message will come through loud and clear!

Where and how do I edit the messages?

Your website has a built in dashboard that you access by logging in, but your customers don’t see. On that dashboard there are links to the tools that you’ll use to edit. There are also tutorials to help you. It’s easy. Lastly, if you’re having trouble, you can always use our Support system to help you resolve any problems or answer any questions.


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