About Using Essential Oils LLC

Kathy Goss ProfileUsing Essential Oils Instant Websites was founded by Kathy Goss.  Kathy is a technology pioneer, having begun her IT career with a visionary approach to developing online and integrated technology solutions for corporate clients since 1993 – even prior to the commercialization of the Internet.

Combining her MBA from Oakland University with her problem solving skills and strategic mindset, Kathy later became a consultant to other companies and Internet start-ups. She subsequently was hired by GM/OnStar at an executive level as their Manager of Strategic Planning during the early stage of OnStar.  She led the OnStar team as part of the Internet Home Alliance innovative [email protected] Pilot Program, which brought together several  major corporations in finding integrated “Smart Home” solutions. While at OnStar, she was personally responsible for developing a patent  that provided remote control access  to T.V. programming services from handheld devices. This technology is widely used today.

After her time at OnStar, she returned to private consulting and developed several unique website enterprises.

Having a passion for healthy living, she joined dōTERRA as a Wellness Consultant in 2013. Seeing a need for her own website to assist her clients, and recognizing a similar need for her downline team, she expanded that concept to offer  unique, simplified “instant websites” to all dōTERRA professionals. Acknowleding the complexity and restrictions of marketing natural products regarding FDA compliance, she worked with dōTERRA International’s legal department to meet dōTERRA’s compliance requirements and received a License Agreement to offer the Instant Websites to all dōTERRA Wellness Consultants.

The result is Using Essential Oils Instant Websites!

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