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AffiliateAs a thank-you for helping to promote Using Essential Oils Instant Websites to your dōTERRA colleagues and members of your downline, we are offering you a $5 referral for each subscriber you referred.

All you need to do is activate your Affiliate Referral found on your Dashboard under your Profile. You will be given an affiliate link which you can use to promote our website program in your emails.  All of the unique clicks they attract and paid sign-ups are then tracked and displayed on your dashboard.

It only takes a few referred / paid sign-ups to cover the cost of your own website each month!


Affiliate FeaturesHow to Set Up Affiliate AccountHow to Use Affiliate Link / Banner

Your $5 referral is earned whenever a new site converts to a paid site within 45 days from your original referral date.

You will be automatically paid to your PayPal account.  It only takes a few referred / paid sign-ups to cover the cost of your own website each month!

You can see how your referral traffic is doing on the real time Affiliate Report:

Affiliate Report

Your referral activity and revenue is summarized in the Referral Tracking & Payment box:

affiliate statistics

When logged in to your dashboard, you will see a menu item at Profile > Affiliate Referrals.

Affiliate menu

Click on the Affiliate Referrals menu and you will see that signing up for the Affiliate Program is as simple as saying “Yes Please” and entering your PayPal email account and then click on the Update Settings Button.  If you ever have questions, there is also a link to this instructional page.

Affiliate Signup

After you click the Update Settings, your Affiliate link is generated and the page will re-load.  On the upper right hand side you will see an edit button link.  Click on the link and your Affiliate Details, including your new Affiliate link, will display.  Copy your URL to use in email letters and postings so that you will get credit for the referral.

Affiliate Link


We’ve prepared some banner ads for you to use to help you earn Affiliate referrals. You can download these banners and upload to Facebook or copy onto your emails. Simply hover your mouse over the picture below, right click on your mouse and “Save Image As” to save a copy in a file that you can use later. You can find several more banners in your dashboard by clicking the Profile/Affiliate Banners section.

Make sure you include your Affiliate link which you can find in your Affiliate Details as described in the set up tab. Below is a sample underlined in red.

Affiliate Link

To embed your Affiliate Link into a banner which can be clicked to take your colleague to the Using Essential Oils websites page and simultaneously link to your Affiliate account, first paste or copy the banner into your email or newsletter message. Left click on the image to select it. Then click on the chain link icon from your tool menu.

Link text -Format-icons

A box will open up like the one below.  You then:

1. Paste your Affiliate Link URL into the box,

2. Check the box to “Open link in a new window”

3. Click “Add Link”. You’re ready to send your message with a clickable image !


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