Domain Mapping

domainmap2If you happen to have your own domain, we can map your domain to your

Simply put, domain mapping just means pointing to your website, so when your customers and friends visit they will see your Using Essential Oils website and will remain the visible address.

It doesn’t matter where you registered your domain, you can still map it to your site.

Domain mapping is an “Add On” feature coming soon in our Customization Shop. Our domain mapping service will include options for including https/SSL security.

ExamplesHow to Set-Up

Example #1 – Domain Mapping with Using Essential Oils logo and background

Example #2 – Domain Mapping with custom logo and background

There are 3 steps to get the domain mapping feature working on your website.

  1. Go to our Customization Shop.  Select domain mapping.  Provide us the domain name that are going to use.  We will begin the preliminary setup at Cloudflare .
  2. You will receive an email response with detailed instructions on how to change the name servers for your domain.  
    If you do not know how to access and change the Nameserver settings at your registrar, we would recommend that you contact their technical help desk.  They are generally very helpful and will either walk you through it or do it for you.
  3.  Once you have completed step 2, let us know by initiating a support ticket from your dashboard Support menu, so that we can complete the mapping on our side. Although the complete process through the internet can take anywhere from 1 hr to 72 hrs depending on how long the DNS servers take to propagate the new information, typically it is completed within a few hours.



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