emoVite Emotional Vitality Tool has been Improved!

emovite - update

Using Essential Oils Pro Business website subscriptions include an exclusive pre-paid subscription to use the unique emoVite emotional survey tool with unlimited access, for yourself and your visitors.  The EmoVite survey tool is based on technology developed with Princeton University and provides an accurate assessment of 11 emotional attributes which provide an insight into your current emotional state.  This tool is a valuable feature which provides useful information and also helps you stay connected to your visitors. You’ll receive an email notification with contact information so you can follow up and support your visitor’s needs.

Now emoVite has been improved to provide enhanced results! In addition to providing the three areas that can be focused on to restore balance, clarity and energy to one’s  life, the results report now includes a relative scale and brief description.

The email referrals that you receive come directly from emoVite. In order that you receive your referrals in your inbox, we highly recommend that you whitelist emoVite by adding [email protected] to your contacts and safe sender list.

If you currently have a Pro Plus package or above, your website has been upgraded.  We invite you to test drive the new emoVite on your own site so that you can experience both the new participant’s result format and your referral email.

If you do not have a Using Essential Oils website yet or your current subscription does not include emoVite, you can test drive the new emoVite Click Here .

EmoVite is just one of the many features that a Using Essential Oils Instant Website provides you to support and grow your dōTERRA business. Click Here to learn what Using Essential Oils can do for you.

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