EmoVite is an emotional vitality survey tool that can help you and your website visitors find their essence to achieve an emotional equilibrium and physical vitality by restoring balance, clarity and energy to your life.

EmoVite is proprietary technology developed in a leading research university and is exclusively  available on Using Essential Oils Instant Websites.  The emoVite survey was created from a larger leadership survey tool used by the U.S. military and professional sports teams. The full survey and interpretation of the results would typically cost over $100 for each survey taken.  Your subscription includes full sponsorship for unlimited use by visitors on your website and can be a great tool to provide at your classes, especially those that are focused on emotional well being.

Here is a link to our demo site so you can see and review this unique and valuable feature

As mentioned above, the emoVite emotional vitality survey tool is free to guests of your website and takes less than 10 minutes to answer a 33 question survey. The instant results of the survey provides your guests with insights about their current emotional state and recommendations for which essential oils can support and enhance your emotional vitality. You receive the contact information of everyone who takes the survey so you can follow up!

Not only is emoVite a great tool for your clients and website visitors,

it is also a great lead capture tool for you!

emoVite FeaturesHow to Use


When a visitor completes a survey on your website, you will receive an email notification that includes the visitors name and email address plus a list of the recommended oils from the survey so that you can follow-up with them.

In addition, they will receive an automated email copy of their results which also includes a link to your website plus a contact email address.

EmoVite is included in your Instant Website package at the Pro Business level.

emovite demo button


emoVite is completely setup for you!  All you need is a Using Essential Oils Pro Plus package.  The pages and connections are all generated for you automatically!



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