Eventbrite Integration


Use Eventbrite together with your website to help make your events a huge success. Eventbrite is the leader in online event planning, creation and promotion.

With our integration feature all of your events that you create on Eventbrite will automatically be listed on your website’s “Events” page. Here’s a link to our demo site so you can see this feature. We can even add a calendar widget of your events for your blog page.

Eventbrite FeaturesHow to Use

You may have received invitations created using Eventbrite but you may not know all that Eventbrite can do for promoting, managing and building your audience base. Here’s a summary:

  1. Easily create and customize your event information and registration form.
  2. Promote your event by easily sending invitations via email, Facebook, Twitter and Mail Chimp.
  3. Collect registrations and track real time progress of your attendees.
  4. Follow up with reminders and messages to your invitee list.
  5. Automatically create a guest list for your event check-in.
  6. Build and grow your invitee list for future classes.

These are the detailed steps to get the new feature working on your website.  It should only take a few minutes total. If you would rather have us set up your Eventbrite integration connections, just go to the Customization Shop and we’ll set it up for a small one time fee.

  1. Go to Eventbrite and login.  On the top menu bar, click on the down arrow next to your name and select “Account”
  2. On the very bottom of the left side menu on your account page select “App Management” and then click on “Create a New App”

eventbrite - select create new app

eventbrite create app


  1. Next go to your website and login and go to dashboard
  2. Click on “Premium Features” on left side menu (this is a new feature which allows you to activate the premium features that you want that are part of your package.
  3. Click on “activate” below the Eventbrite Pro listing.  A new “Settings” link will appear below Eventbrite Pro title settings.  Note: when Eventbrite Pro is activated a new navigation menu will automatically appear on your website with a new “Events” page.   It is important that you keep this deactivated until you have created your Eventbrite App key and are ready to go live with your events.
  4. Click on new Eventbrite Pro menu on left side and fill in the 3 fields as per image below and save your settings.

Eventbrite website settings

Now go to the front of your website and you will see your new Events navigation menu that links to your Events page that will stay synced with all of your upcoming Public events.

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