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Add Social “Follow Me”  Buttons to your website and multiply your business with these Social Sharing buttons. Follow Me buttons are available for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, Instagram and even your email or other website addresses, if  you have them.  The buttons can be customized and placed to the left or right side of the page and you can specify the display from the top margin. Here’s a link to our demo site so you can see how they appear on the left side of the homepage.



Social Follow Me FeaturesHow to SetupHow to UseFAQ

follow me buttons on pageAfter you have registered for your site, there is a place on your dashboard which links to a form for you to enter your favorite social media accounts. Adding these buttons allows your customers to “follow you” on your other social media sites, including other websites if you have them.


Set up is simple and should only take a couple of minutes. You’ll need to retrieve and input the URL of your other social media accounts onto the form provided and the buttons will automatically appear for each social service that you entered.  If you do not participate with any of the social sites, that’s OK too – the slider buttons only appear if you do.

You also have a choice of where you would like the buttons to appear on your site.

Follow Me social media buttons allow you to provide an easy way for your customers to become followers of your activity on your other social media sites. You should make sure that you post on a regular basis and that your posts are relevant and contain valuable information.

I only use Facebook. Is that a problem?

Not at all. The buttons only appear for the social media sites that you enter URL addresses for.

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