How to Automatically Turn Your Blog Posts Into Newsletters!

how to turn blog to newsletterBPIn previous postings we have shown you how to set up your lead capture tools and grow your mailing list on your Using Essential Oils instant website.  With your list and lead capture setup, you can now stay connected to your subscribers by sending out newsletter campaigns. We’ll show you how to do it automatically!

Using MailChimp’s RSS to Email you can have your published blog posts sent to your subscribers on a schedule that you determine. There are just 2 steps to set up yourtemplate and RSS feed and once you have completed them your RSS feed will run automatically. We have provided detailed instructions for you to follow at this link.

Here are the steps:

  1. Create a template ( you can use our pre-configured basic template or create your own )
  2. Set up your RSS campaign. – just follow the link and then click on the How To Setup AutoPost tab.

We can also help you set this up if you’re too busy or would prefer our help. Simply go to our Customization Shop for additional set up help.

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