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features-ideaAll  Using Essential Oils websites come complete with tons of pre-loaded content.

Your customers will be greeted by your personal welcome message on your homepage and have free access to your professionally designed website, offering a broad introduction to the many uses of essential oils to enhance their daily lives, and much more.  They will also find that an easy to use navigation bar has been designed into the site to make it a simple and pleasant experience for them to explore your site,  making it a reliable source of information that they will want to return to again and again. Here’s a link to our demo site so you can take a look for yourself! Hover and click on the topics on the navigation bar to explore the site.

In addition, the dōTERRA Product Guide, monthly specials and current dōTERRA Living Magazine can be easily accessed from every page.

You’ll also be glad to know that dōTERRA has reviewed and approved the content on the instant websites to be compliant with their rules and regulations

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Over 80 pages of website content including introductory educational and “how to use essential oils” pages are included.  Topics include supporting all areas of wellness, uplifting mind & mood, fitness, baby & child care, household cleaning, beauty, animal & pet care and even pest control .

Uses2Most topics include a video along with product recommendations that link to pre-loaded dōTERRA product information pages.

Additional pre-loaded content includes:

  • Product information pages on all dōTERRA oils and blends.
  • dōTERRA product sourcing, quality and safety
  • dōTERRA monthly product catalog and quarterly Living magazine
  • Reseach Resources links to PubMed and Aromatic Science
  • dōTERRA’s mission statement and wellness philosophy.
  • Information on CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® standards.
  • Information on product purchasing options and loyalty rewards program.
  • Contact pages
  • Generic welcome message on your homepage ( you can customize)
  • Generic Join Our Team message ( you can customize )
  • Ready to go Blogging platform
  • Social Media links
  • And More!


No set up required! It’s all included and updated for you automatically!

Does the content get updated regularly?

Yes! Your website will get free instant updates in several ways. First, some of the content will get updated as new products, catalogs and quarterly magazines are available. If dōTERRA changes any of their informational pages or adds new products, we’ll automatically put them onto your website at no charge to you. Important new research will be added to the research pages when available and even some new videos may be added if they meet the dōTERRA conformance regulations.

Secondly, the software and security controlling the website will also be updated as new versions are released, also at no charge to you.

To keep you up to date, we also created a page for you which is always accessible from your dashboard for you to see a list of what updates have been made on a monthly basis. You can visit that current page at this link

What do you mean the content is in “conformance”?

As part of our licensing process with dōTERRA International, they reviewed all the content that we’re providing on the website and gave their approval of the information and messaging to be in conformance with dōTERRA and FDA requirements.

Can I change the pre-loaded  content?

Yes! There are a few areas where you can change the content of the website. Specifically, your welcome message, personal profile information, Join Us message, your own upcoming events, and your personal blog area. We also have a Customization Shop where you can purchase different backgrounds, insert your own logo customization, domain map to your own URL, additional pages and navigation tabs for your own special topics, if you like. The content related to uses of the oils cannot be modified in order to remain in compliance with dōTERRA and FDA rules.



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