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links to storeThe “How To Purchase” page provides your customers with an instructional video and the Ways to Purchase information as well as the Loyalty Rewards Program.   They can then choose which method they prefer and click to make a purchase on your store. All you need to add is your Store link and your Join link at the time of your registration. All payments for purchases are made directly through your myDOTERRA store, as usual.

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Your website is designed to seamlessly link your customers to your personal myDOTERRA store if they want to make any purchases.

A pre-loaded template page is provided which describes the 3 ways to purchase: Retail, Preferred Member, and Wholesale. If you prefer not to use the Preferred Membern your website, we can modify this page for you for a small nominal fee. This is available from the Customization Shop.

This is automatically linked at the time of your registration. You will simply enter your myDOTERRA store URL link on the form provided. That’s all you need to do!

When a customer clicks on the “Purchase” tab of the navigation bar on your website, it will take them to a pre-loaded page which starts with a dōTERRA corporate video to help explain the purchasing options.

Purchasing graphicThe page template  describes various advantages of the 3 methods of purchasing as well as information on the loyalty rewards program and free shipping. They then select which method they want to use and they are seamlessly transferred to your myDOTERRA store to complete their transaction.

If you prefer not to offer the Preferred Member option on your website, we can modify this page for you for a small nominal fee. This is available from the Store.


I prefer not to encourage the Preferred Member method of purchasing. Can this be changed on my website ?

Yes, this is a simple modification that we can make for you for a nominal service charge. You purchase this option at the Customization Shop. But keep in mind that the Preferred Member option still remains on your myDOTERRA store.

Why do you include the Preferred Member option in the template?

This method of purchasing is one of DOTERRA’s purchasing options, so we’re following their corporate message on the template.  Most Wellness Advocates offer this method of purchasing, but some do not recommend it to their customers. However, the Preferred Member option is still offered on your corporate myDOTERRA store, even if we remove that information on your Using Essential Oils website.

What if my store link doesn’t work?

We provide a free help/support system for you. You access that from your dashboard area. We have found that sometimes it’s as simple as a typo when a myDOTERRA store URL is entered, or not including the http:// at the front end of the URL. Nevertheless, we will help you get set up if you have any problems.

Does the payment for purchases go through my Using Essential Oils


No, all payments go directly through your myDOTERRA store. Your Using Essential Oils website just links to your myDOTERRA store page to complete the transaction.



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