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customization2All Using Essential Oils websites come with a professionally designed background and logo. But maybe you would like to add a little more personal customization to the look of your site? Perhaps you have your own logo or would like to change the feel of the site with your own background image or custom color?  No problem, we will install your logo or background for you for a small one-time setup fee. If you don’t have your own background image, you can also choose from one of our beautiful alternate background designs from our Customization Shop.

Note: Just go to our Customization Shop to purchase your service requirement. If you need help in designing your images we can help you with that, too.  Just ask for a quote.

ExampleHow to Set-Up

Example #1 – Custom logo and background (shown with domain mapping)

We will install your custom logo or background image, or one of our designs, for a small one-time setup fee.

Please use the information regarding size recommendation listed below.  When you have you images sized appropriately, just submit a support ticket and attach your images.  When the images are installed, we will send you an invoice for the custom installation service.

Custom Logo:

For custom logos, the best size to provide for your logo replacement is 250px x 86px.  If the logo image is any larger, it will shift the navigation menus to the right.  The logo should have a transparent background and saved as a .png file.

Background image:

Our theme for the website is responsive so that it adjusts for different size devices.  The actual background size is 1663px x 2041.  For our standard site, we have added a 900px x 680px image that includes the herbs in the upper left corner and then continue with a white background.  You can view and save the image to use as a template: Click Here

The background is meant to frame the page content.   Although you can use a full size image, you should take into consideration all of the images on the site and visualize how the custom background will complement all of the elements.


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