New Login with Facebook

We have added 2 new login features to make your website experience easier.  Your website security is a major concern yet we understand the difficulty of remembering login IDs and Passwords. We have now made it easier for you.

FB Login button





1. If you have a Facebook account, you can now login using your Facebook login credentials. In order to use the Login with Facebook feature, you will first need to login with your standard login and then go to your Profile page where you will find a “Link to Facebook” button for you to associate your login with your Facebook credentials.


2. If you do not remember the login that you created at registration, you can use the email address that you used at registration as your User ID.

Note: Since both methods of logging in will be available to you, it is important that you create a strong password in your profile.  Having a strong password in the system protects your site and the system. Hackers continuously bombard websites trying to login and embed viruses on websites. Although we have security monitoring programs scanning our websites, your creation of strong passwords substantially mitigates potential threats.


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