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doterra classWe all know that educational classes are a very important part of building a successful dōTERRA business.   We can help you make the most of your efforts to promote your classes, get the best response from your target audience, and manage all the data you collect.

We’ve investigated and tested a number of the most popular online event management tools on the market and we have determined that Eventbrite is the best solution based on features, capabilities and ease of use.

You need a website that includes your upcoming classes. We’ve made it easy.

Eventbrite to UsingEssentialOils


To help make this important feature even easier for you to use, we have now integrated Eventbrite into Using Essential Oils Instant Websites at the Business level. This means that whenever you create an event at Eventbrite it will automatically sync with, and appear on, your Events page of your website!

You may have received invitations created using Eventbrite but you may not know all that Eventbrite can do for promoting, managing and building your audience base. Here’s a summary:

  1. Easily create and customize your event information and registration form.
  2. Promote your event by easily sending invitations via email, Facebook, Twitter and Mail Chimp.
  3. Collect registrations and track real time progress of your attendees.
  4. Follow up with reminders and messages to your invitee list.
  5. Automatically create a guest list for your event check-in.
  6. Build and grow your invitee list for future classes.

Click for Demo Events Page     Click for Demo Blog Events Widget


How to get started:

If you don’t already have your own Using Essential Oils Instant Website, you can get a free 30 day trial at To use the Eventbrite features, you’ll need to upgrade to the Business level using the coupon information below.

Already have a Using Essential Oils Instant Website but you don’t have a Business level account yet?  Get a Business level upgrade now to try out the Eventbrite features.  Receive a $5 discount (the price of the monthly upgrade) during the month of November, 2014 by using the Coupon Code:  EVENTBRITE at checkout.

Once you have upgraded your account, use this link for easy to follow setup instructions.

With Using Essential Oils Instant Websites, you can upgrade or downgrade your package to best suit your business goals at any time.


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