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social-share3By using our Share Post tool you can easily publish any of the Using Essential Oils preloaded content from your website to all your social media sites – and unlike the free dōTERRA website provided by dōTERRA corporate, the links to these posts go directly back to your website, not the dōTERRA corporate website.  In addition,  your visitors can promote your content (with links back to your website) by sharing to their most popular social networking and bookmarking sites (like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn).


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The Share Post feature places familiar social networking icons on the bottom of the pages of your website. This allows you and your visitors to post the content of  your website pages onto their social media sites, which helps promote you and your website on social media. The posting on the social network will contain a link back to your website that others can follow back to your website.  The icons also have a built in counter to illustrate how many times your pages have been re-posted.

Social Sharing buttons

No setup necessary! These buttons are already installed on your website!

We recommend that you share your posts onto the social networks that you belong to.  By clicking onto the social network of your choice, a dialog box will open for you to connect with their system.  Once you are connected, you will be able to add a comment.  Encourage your visitors to social share any of the content they enjoyed and found valuable on your website.

Why are these buttons on my website?

Social media is a terrific way to get your message out. Many people use Facebook and other popular social media sites. It’s important that this channel is available and helps promote you and dōTERRA through the endorsement of your visitors.

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