Two New Lead Capture Features Now Available

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Using Essential Oils Instant Websites has just added two new lead capture features to our suite of inbound marketing tools to help you connect and stay connected to your customers.

Through our features and integrations, your website is a customer connection hub.

1. The emoVite Emotional Vitality Survey tool available on Pro Plus packages and above, now automatically sends two follow-up emails; one to the participant and one to you. The survey participant will receive a copy of their survey results that also includes your email contact and link to your website.

You will receive an email when a visitor to you website completes the emoVite survey which will include the visitor’s name and email address together with the list of recommended oils.
We invite you to test drive the new emoVite Emotional Vitality Survey tool on your website now complete with lead capture so that you can connect and follow-up with your visitors.

2.  We are happy to announce Heads-Up Lead Bar, our new notification/lead capture tool is now available and will be replacing Slide-In on Business Pro packages and above.  Heads-Up Lead Bar is a powerful marketing tool yet exceptionally easy to use. Can be used for many different purposes including “Subscribe to Newsletters” and add link to MailChimp Opt-in form or use for any announcement that you want to bring to focus. You can add links to any of your pages, posts or any URL. It has unlimited color choices and includes a call-to-action button.   To get you started, we’ve created two bars for you to use; one for an emoVite survey, the other for a Free Sample.


Click here for more info on how to get started with Heads Up Bar on your website.

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