Website Updates – April, 2015

Website updates

Changes to subscriber websites for the month of April, 2015

In addition to ongoing technology updates and maintenance, the following content has been added:

  • Added April 2015 Special with pdf details in footer
  • Added April 2015 Deep Blue Promotion Extension with pdf in footer
  • Updated How to Purchase page: for wholesale added no SS# requirement; for preferred member changed enrollment fee to $25
  • Added dōTERRA blog post  Getting the Most Out of the Spring Season: Guide to a Fulfilling Spring Season to websites as published.
  • Updated emoVite.  New version includes more detailed results with scale and descriptions
  • Replaced video on New to Essential Oils page.
  • Added dōTERRA blog post  The Multivitamin Revolution: Experience the Full Benefits of Multivitamins to websites as published
  • Added dōTERRA blog Post Mother’s Day Scarf 2015 to websites as published.
  • Added new Subscribe page; Subscribe to Newsletter form and Subscribe to Newsletter Heads-Up lead bar

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