Website Updates – November 2014


Website updates

Changes to subscriber websites for the month of November, 2014

  1. Added November Special to footer with corresponding details pdf
  2. How to Purchase page revised intro text and added new “Wellness Advocate” video
  3. Uses > Cooking page:  Added 12 recipes
  4. Uses > DIY page:  Added  new page plus 29 DIY projects
  5. emoVite now provides lead generation email to subscriber.  Email Template
  6. emoVite now sends copy of results to participant with subscriber contact & website  Email Template
  7. New Feature:  Heads-Up Bar a lead capture and notification bar is now available with Pro Business packages as a replacement for Slide-In for its lead capture functionality and ease of use.  Subscriber can create their own messages or use the emoVite and Free Sample bars.
    • Heads-Up Bar for emoVite Survey created:   Demo
    • Heads-Up Bar for Free Sample created:  Demo
  8. Homepage, changed “dōTERRA ID” to “dōTERRA® Wellness Advocate”  Demo
  9. Added Holiday Guide to footer.  Demo
  10. Updated Holiday Guide (Revised Edition) Demo
  11. Added Verage Collection with video and Product Info.pdf to Healthy Radiant Skin page Demo
  12.  Added secondary login at bottom of websites


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